Hello! I love love love your art, and I saw that one of Moriarty in particular, and I saw the tutorial on how to make that gif, so I figured I’d have a go. The problem is, when I make new layers from the marquee selections and then make layers into frames, it does this:

Do you know what I’m doing wrong? (I’m sure it’s something really obvious and I’m being really obtuse, but, y’know)

Anyway, thanks so much and, again, I love your art!

hey there,
first of all thank you (;
I think you should let  the layer with your basic  image activated in all of the other layers^^ also if you slow your animation a bit down (for example instead of 0,00 sec maybe 0,2 delay), it’s looks a bit better (:

(I also dragged the selected area somewhere else and unchecked the G B channels from the layers)

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QuestionWill the series of john saving sherlock at the pool be continued? Answer

the answer is… yes!
I’m gonna  make a final part 3 (which is maybe a few days later in hospital, or shortly after the ambulance arrived) or if I don’t run out of ideas 1/2 parts more.
I probably will make some more AUs or new “series” dunno atm

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QuestionWoah! ur art is hella! (especially the Hannibal one) :D Answer

hehe,  thank you very much! UwU

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QuestionYou are so talented! The series of John saving Sherlock at the pool is so realistic and so filled with emotion. Well done! Answer

aw, thank you very much ^w^

♦Please (little sequel to this )

..he dragged him out of the water. immediately John felt the pain, which he ignored earlier. he checked the detective’s pulse and made sure if his condition was stable. Sherlock still was  unconscious.
'Don't you dare, to pass away… please.. don’t’

QuestionHello lovely! I saw your Castiel wing tat art on my dash and fell in absolute love with it. I was just wondering what program you use to draw, and what brush specifically you use on order to do that speckled skin texture? Thanks so much! Answer

hey there (:
I use Photoshop CS5
and for skin texture I basically use these:

a random colletcion of self-made brushes and some from the internet^^

cas with wing tattoo because reasons-wanted to make this animation since a while now..Click here for hq animation

cas with wing tattoo because reasons
-wanted to make this animation since a while now..
Click here for hq animation

(Source: arkarti)


(Source: arkarti)

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QuestionYour work is gorgeous! And you're only 18?! I can't wait to see the things you'll be doing a few years from now! Keep it up! Answer

thank you very much, anon! (≧ω≦)

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Questionhow i can do "moriarty did you miss me?" gif? Answer

hey, sorry for late reply

anyway, it’s actually pretty easy ( I made it with photoshop btw)
Firstly you take the picture and open it in ps (or any other art program)
select random areas from it..

..and create a new layer. Then you just drag it to another place, or scale it…

then  double click on the new created layer. a window with “layer style” should open.  you can see the RGB channels.

uncheck 2 of them ( for example G and B) and it should like this:

just repeat the steps from above until you’re happy with it and then there should be an option (when you’ve opened the animation menu) something like “create frames out of layers”  and that’s it.

QuestionOmg I love your art so much it's amazing!!!! Do you happen to be on redbubble? Answer

thank you very much! :3
sorry,no. I’m on society6 instead^^

Questionyour art is wonderful :) Answer

aw, thanks dear! :3

♦The Great Game AU
- where Sherlock shoots the bomb and they land in the pool. Sherlock got hit by something and slowly sinks to the ground - unconscious. John tries to save him - just in time..

(Source: arkarti)

QuestionHow did you learn to draw? Or are you just naturally amazing? Answer

aw, oh you *hugs*
I draw stuff since I can think, but keep improving with the years :3